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About the Privileges Travel Savings Credits Offer

The Privileges American Express Travel Rewards program is a partnership between International Cruise & Excursions ("ICE") www.ICEenterprise.com , Privileges American Express Travel and the Expedia Travel Platform.

The program itself, regarding the hotel booking engine, is branded as Privileges American Express and is powered by Expedia. Each room booked comes with a Lowest Price Guarantee. This, and all Terms and Conditions, can be reviewed at PrivilegesTravel.com. In addition to the Lowest Price Guarantee, the customer can then apply his Rewards Dollars against the price, giving them an unbeatable deal!

The marketing partner and exclusive distributor for this program is Geocentric Media, Inc. which owns and operates the largest network of pure "City Branded" websites in the world with over 950 cities in the US and internationally. Please visit GeocentricMedia.com. Geocentric Media also operates and manages MyIdentityEmail.com.

After purchasing a $99.00 a year Premium "My Identity Email" address, within 30-45 days you will receive a special e-mail containing your $250.00 Travel Savings Credit with an activation link to PrivilegesTravel.com. There you will activate your account with the authorization codes sent to your email address; these codes actually are already pre-populated in the proper fields for your convenience. All you have to do is open the link sent to your email within 30-45 days and click "ENROLL". It's just that easy. Once you are a member of Privileges American Express, you will be able to enjoy your $250.00 credit when booking reservations with hotels, resorts or cruise lines and the normal cost to book will be reduced from anywhere from 10% to over 50%. There are many other benefits of being a member and we welcome you to visit PrivilegesTravel.com and browse the website and read all Terms and Conditions. Members will also get an occasional e-mail with special deals on Privileges Worldwide Travel.

The Privileges American Express offer is good only to residents who reside in the United States and can only be redeemed at PrivilegesTravel.com/activate.

NO REFUNDS are issued once you purchase a monthly $9.99 or yearly $99.00 email as that is our policy. No refunds. However, you may however CANCEL your e-mail account at My Identity Email at any time. Simply contact [email protected] to cancel your e-mail address and your yearly or monthly auto-pay.

For more questions about this $250.00 Privileges American Express Travel Saving Credit Offer, please call 1-650-605-3529 or write to [email protected]. Thank you!