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Enter your first or last name or your initial(s) in the search box to see if it is available with a keyword for your passion in life, whether it be golf, tennis, yoga, auto, wine, dance, socializing, etc.  Search ALL categories or by individual category for your passion! See if we have something for you. You can even create an email address using just your first initial, first and last initial or all three of your initials, thus giving you the shortest and most memorable email address in town! i.e. [email protected]



Use our Secure Server to pay any acquisition or monthly fees for your new My Identity Email address. You can pay monthly at $9.99 per month or you can take advantage of our first year offer of just $99.00 a year and $250.00 in Privileges Travel Savings Credits. The $250.00 Privileges Travel Savings Credits Offer is good only on a $99.00 yearly email address purchase.  NO REFUNDS once purchased on any email address. You may cancel at any time.



Easily set-up your new My Identity Email through Google G Suite on your device by following the simple instructions provided in your welcome letter that will be emailed to you immediately after your purchasei.e.  [email protected] or [email protected]



You are now able to use all of the tools provided by Google G Suite and My Identity Email with your new personal, unique digital identity! And if you like it enough, we hope that you'll suggest MyIdentityEmail to a few friends that share your same passions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Identity Email

MyIdentityEmail is a product offered by WorldReach Domains, LLC as an alternative to basic, free e-mail accounts. It's for people who want to express their interest, hobby, passion or occupation in life. Many people have more than just one e-mail address; My Identity Email is for people who want a more PRIVATE e-mail account that shows their passion in life, one that's just for family and friends; an e-mail address that is NEVER used for buying items or disclosing to businesses who begin the flow of never ending spam to your account. Consider it a "Private Account", like an unlisted phone number, only to be given out to your closest friends and family. Don't use this e-mail for anything that will prompt daily junk and spam, instead just use for those closest to you. It will be the first mailbox that you'll check daily!

What can I search for?

You can search for things that you love to do, like golf, yoga, drink wine, play tennis, the beach, aviation, fishing, cars, sewing, woodworking, dance, soccer, football, parties, just about any hobby or interest that you have or things you like to do. All of America's top hobbies and interests are included in our program. Simply choose a category and see what sparks an interest or strikes a nerve. If you see something that may interest a family member or friend, click Suggest a Friend and let them know! i.e. [email protected] or [email protected]

Are special characters ok in my My Identity Email?

Currently we allow letters, numerals and these three (3) special characters to be included before the @ symbol in your new e-mail address; hyphens, periods and underscore ( - . _ ) (Dash, dot and underscore). Use of special characters (@, #, !, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), +, etc.) is prohibited when choosing your address from My Identity Email. We believe that the goal should be to create such a simple e-mail address utilizing your hobby or passion in life, that your friends and family will quickly know-it-by-heart, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], or [email protected] are all great examples. Keep it short, simple and memorable.

You may want to just use your first or last initial, or two or three of your initials in front of the @ symbol when creating your new MIE e-mail address. For example you can create an address as simple as [email protected] or [email protected] Our short e-mail addresses are so easy to remember! Just create something such as [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] It doesn't get any easier than that! If your initials are already taken, try your first or last name? It's all up to you, whatever you like, for whatever your passion…

What is the best part of having a My Identity Email address

Well, there are a few best parts. One, My Identity Email is powered by Google's G Suite of products; the biggest, best and most reliable in the business. Secondly, the problem with most other free email accounts is that once you use them with a merchant, the merchant begins to solicit you on a daily basis. That's annoying!! Even when you "Unsubscribe", somehow the e-mails keep coming. So, we invented a private e-mail service that shows your closest friends what you're into such as yoga, tennis, exercise, health, wine, sports, parties, golf or any other hobby in which you have a passion. We highly recommend that you use this new e-mail just with family and friends and never with anyone that will put you on their mailing list. It's like having an unlisted phone number but for your e-mail address instead! And lastly, our email addresses are cool, short, memorable, distinctive and very personal. It's time, try it for a year and you'll see what we mean…

How do I use my My Identity Email

My Identity Email is powered by Google's G Suite. Once your identity is reserved and payment is made, you can begin using your new email identity and address immediately on all of your devices. Installation on smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers is quick and easy following the Google G Suite installation instructions. If you need assistance, we are happy to help, just send an email to [email protected]

Why would I ever want to pay for an email address?

For all the reasons above, it's time to have one personal, PRIVATE e-mail address that not only shows your passion in life, but one that's never used for merchant buys or for anyone that going to put you on a mailing list where you get bombarded by daily, annoying spam. MyIdentityEmail.com addresses are just for family and friends. Believe us, once you use a My Identity E-mail address, it will be the first e-mail box that you'll check because you'll know it's from a family member or best friend. Buying a special e-mail address may not be for everyone, but hundreds of thousands from around the world will enjoy our special and unique passionate email service.

Can I use my new My Identity Email address with my iPhone, iPad, or other mobile devices?

Yes.  All of the basic Google G Suite tools and applications are available as part of your monthly subscription fee.


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